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10 August 2016

Your July auctions round-up

Who Broke Pablo Picasso's Winning Streak at Auction?


August 10, 2016


Johnny Swing
Murmuration, 2012
Sold for 112,500 USD (with premium)
The Four Seasons
July 26, 2016


Design duo Gartha and Ada Louise Huxtable broke Pablo Picasso’s streak as the most popular artist at auction in July. They had 224 works offered at a single sale, Wright’s The Four Seasons, which lasted an impressive 14 hours and featured furniture and objects from the iconic Four Seasons restaurant in New York.


Despite losing his title of the most popular artist at auction, Pablo Picasso remained the most searched artist on artnet for the month of July, while the top-searched decorative art specialty was Chinese works of art.


Christie’s London came out on top with the highest sale total in July, achieving $104,414,551 with a sell-through rate of 65%. One stand-out work was Peter Paul Rubens’ Lot and his Daughters, which broke the record for the most expensive lot sold by their Old Masters Department at $58,002,713 on July 7.


Peter Paul Rubens, Zhang Daqian, and Yan Baozhen were the three top-selling artists at auction in July. The artists brought in $61,720,200, $19,543,505, and $9,522,812, respectively.


For the fourth consecutive year, artnet has partnered with the China Association of Auctioneers (CAA) to publish the Global Chinese Art Auction Market Report. It will provide an in-depth look at the auction market for Chinese art, which accounted for almost a third of the global art auction market in 2015. This must-read report will be published in the coming weeks—stay tuned!


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