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23 August 2016

Global Chinese Art Auction Market Report 2015

Download the report today.


artnet and the China Association of Auctioneers (CAA) are pleased to present the fourth edition of the Global Chinese Art Auction Market Report, providing an in-depth analysis of the market for Chinese art in 2015.

The Global Chinese Art Auction Market Report is the only report of its kind to publish data from mainland China that has been vetted by a third-party organization with insider knowledge of the state of the market in China, along with comprehensive auction results for Chinese art sold around the world.

Over the past 10 years, the Chinese art market has seen both tremendous growth and volatilities, reaching a size large enough to majorly impact the global auction market. At the same time, the overseas sales of Chinese art has also more than quadrupled since 2009, with an unexpectedly strong growth in 2015 even as the mainland market went through a cooling period. Together, the global sales of Chinese art accounted for almost a third of the global art auction market in 2015.

We invite you to download this complimentary report today, and hope it will provide a deeper understanding of this fascinating market, which continues to be one of the most interesting developments in modern art auction history.


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