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18 July 2016

Don’t miss out on urban art stars Banksy, KAWS, Mr. Brainwash, and more

dynamic prints and original works


July 18, 2016


Last Chance to Bid:
Urban Art

artnet Auctions

New York City 1980, 2000
Est. 8,000–12,000 USD


From the street to your walls: don't miss dynamic prints and original works by the biggest stars of urban art, including Banksy, Kenny Scharf, D*Face, OSGEMEOS, Nick Walker, Zevs, QUIK, and KAWS, with a selection of stellar recent works on paper by Mr. Brainwash.

Don't miss Urban Art, live for bidding now through Thursday, July 21 on artnet Auctions.

artnet Auctions

Damien Hirst
Minnie (Pink Glitter), 2015
Est. 30,000–50,000 USD

artnet Auctions

Kenny Scharf and LA II
Jetsons, c. 1983
Est. 12,000–15,000 USD

artnet Auctions

Liquidated London (complete portfolio of 14 works), 2012
Est. 6,000–7,000 USD

artnet Auctions

Mr. Brainwash
Tomato Spray, 2016
Est. 7,000–9,000 USD

artnet Auctions

Close Encounters, 2016
Est. 8,000–9,000 USD

artnet Auctions

Battle Over Brooklyn, Joey Semz RIP
, 2007
Est. 8,000–12,000 USD

artnet Auctions

Click here to view all artworks currently live for bidding.

artnet Auctions

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