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02 June 2016

Flexible Financing Solutions from Borro

Secured by Fine Art and Luxury Assets


June 2, 2016


Flexible Financing Solutions
Secured by Fine Art and Luxury Assets


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Borro helps collectors achieve liquidity by securing funds through fine art and luxury assets. Offering our clients a wide range of options, funds can be used to acquire new works, make business investments, or simply provide financial flexibility. Whether you are looking to borrow against or sell assets, Borro has a solution to meet your needs.

Financing is offered for assets ranging between $5,000–10,000,000 in value.

Solutions include:

Bridge Loans: Use your existing fine art collection or other luxury assets such as classic cars and watches for financing.

Acquisition Financing: Complete acquisitions by using your existing collection as loan collateral or by obtaining a percentage of the purchase price.

Sale Advance Loans: Receive advance funds for immediate liquidity ahead of a future sale.

Unsold Asset Advance: If your art went unsold at auction, get funds in advance of the next sale opportunity.

To speak with an expert, please call +1–888–298–0834.




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