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08 November 2013

Fwd: The Massachusetts Observer

Langston Hughes
Welcome again to Massachusetts Observer Radio, your place to hear programs from the past that shine a light on the present.

"Listen, America, I live here too, and I want freedom just as you."

Those words were penned by poet and activist Langston Hughes who is the subject of today's program on Massachusetts Observer Radio.

The "Destination Freedom" episode that follows was first broadcast in 1948 and gives a picture - a snapshot - of the struggles and aspirations of African Americans at the time.  Langston Hughes was very much alive in 1948 and gave permission to "Destination Freedom" to use his poetry. He would die in 1967.

Here, then, for your consideration is "Destination Freedom" in a 1948 broadcast titled "Langston Hughes, Shakespeare of Harlem." Ride with Massachusetts Observer Radio as we join in the search for the Freedom Train.

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