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10 October 2013

Fwd: New Todd White releases available at Dzian Gallery!

"Surrounding the Shark"
29.5 x 40"

In 2006 I did a painting called "Surrounded by Sharks" which sold out pretty quickly. For years I was asked at shows about this painting; so many people were after it and wanted part two, but I dont work like that. I need the story to come to me to paint. Last year at a show a woman came up to me and told me how her and her late husband had my painting "Surrounded by Sharks" in their pool room and would play for status every Saturday night. After the passing of her husband this tradition continued on only with her girlfriends now coming over for the games; they would gather and have a great time "with wine and gossip of another time." She said how they still loved that painting so much but now felt that the time had changed and now the women were the sharks, they had conquered. In her cheerful telling of the story with all the excitement of the night I felt the loss of her true love, now I had a reason, a story to paint a follow-up." 

"Perfect for the Part"
31.5 x 26.5"

This town of glitz and glamor has what I call the "start of dreams" with most ending there, at the start. I can't fault any one who has the courage to go after a dream, it's a million to one but to have that blind faith and inner confidence to know this is what you have to do. How many times have we seen a movie or heard a song and felt like, thats so close to me that I could have done that, how this was meant for my eyes and ears, I'm perfect for the part.  A bit metamorphic for my own life.  All I have ever done was art and I knew from the 6th grade this is what I was going to do, it was all that made me happy and it's what I was going to do the rest of my life. 

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