05 June 2012



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via Frank Schaeffer by Frank Schaeffer on 6/3/12

Sex, Mom, and God: How the Bible's Strange Take on Sex Led to Crazy Politics--and How I Learned to Love Women (and Jesus) Anyway

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Sex, Mom, and God: How the Bible's Strange Take on Sex Led to Crazy Politics--and How I Learned to Love Women (and Jesus) Anyway

Kirkus Reviews, 5/15/11
"The book shines in sections centered on Edith, a 'life-embracing free spirit'…A consummate memoirist, Schaeffer fills the narrative with interesting anecdotes…The sage conversation on a New York-bound bus with a distraught Asian girl is warmly resonant and a befitting conclusion to…[a] book of ruminations, memories and frustrated opinion."
Booklist, 5/15/11"[A] startlingly honest work, which is part memoir and part religious history…Intriguing fare."
Church of England Newspaper, 5/13/11
"Part memoir, part exploration of evangelical views."
PoliticusUSA.com, 5/16/11
"A work that alternates from heartwarming to thought provoking to laugh out loud funny…Schaeffer brilliantly guides the reader through an exploration of the Bible's strange, intolerant, and sometimes frightening attitudes about sex, and how these Biblical teachings, through the evangelical grassroots of the Republican Party, have come to dominate the GOP stance…Schaeffer's writing style combines intelligence, warmth, humor, depth and insight…Sex, Mom, and God is hands down one of the best non-fiction books of the year."
Kirkus Reviews (website)6/1/11"The memoir, the third and last in Schaeffer's God trilogy, unfolds in lucid anecdotal excursions probing the chinks that later became gaping holes in the fundamentalist walls that penned him in."
Internet Review of Books, 6/8/11"A fond and sometimes hilarious look back at [Schaeffer's] mother's child-rearing methods and the effect they had on him…Schaeffer's journey demonstrates that the world could be a better place if we were all able to reassess our beliefs and values—to examine them closely and glean only those worth saving."
Library Journal, 6/15/11
"Well worth reading, highly entertaining, and very informative about the recent history of American evangelicalism. It will appeal to readers interested in the world today, memoir, or religion."
Huffington Post, 6/13/11
"Intelligent and easy to read; it transitions smoothly back and forth between story-telling and point-making prose…In his portrayal of Edith Schaeffer, Frank is able to call out the nuttiness of the religious right and to humanize conservative and Evangelical Christians in the same narrative. It is the deft work of a talented writer practicing his craft…It is a bit of wisdom our entire nation—hell, the whole world—needs to hear."
RH Reality Check, 6/16/11
"Part memoir, part revelation about Evangelical pathology, and part prescription for theological sanity, the book has much to recommend it."
Patheos.com, 6/16/11
"Offers an insider's glimpse into how fundamentalism became the dominant voice in the U.S. political area."
InfoDad.com, 6/16/11"Frequently entertaining."
The Humanist, July/August 2011
"[Schaeffer's] stories aren't just interesting, they're also well told…[He] serves up an intriguing combination that's part sexual memoir and part exposé of religious right extremism. It's a strange combination to be sure, but in the hands of a gifted wordsmith like Schaeffer it works."
State of Formation, 6/20/11"Part memoir, part theology, and part political commentary…An ambitious undertaking. But Sex, Mom, and God did not disappoint. Alternating between laugh-out-loud episodes and poignant reflections, Schaeffer recounts with candor the influence his mother had on both his beliefs and the beliefs of a generation of Evangelicals…His readers—believers and non-believers alike—will be challenged to reconsider their views about politics, sex, and religion."
The Daily Beast, 6/24/11"Intriguing…[Schaeffer's] privileged view of the Christian right's sexual weirdness makes his account particularly interesting, and helps explain why the aggressively pious so frequently destroy themselves with sex scandals."
Milwaukee Shepherd-Express, 7/7/11"[Schaeffer] has grown into rueful middle age with his sense of sarcasm sharpened… Sex, Mom and God dips into the same well as Crazy for Godand draws irony and venom from its depths."
WomanAroundTown.com, 6/16/11
"By turns biting, funny, and thought provoking."

"[Schaeffer's] memoirs have a way of winning a reader's friendship…Schaeffer is a good memoirist, smart and often laugh-out-loud funny…Frank seems to have been born irreverent, but his memoirs have a serious purpose, and that is to expose the insanity and the corruption of what has become a powerful and frightening force in American politics…Frank has been straightforward and entertaining in his campaign to right the political wrongs he regrets committing in the 1970s and '80s…As someone who has made redemption his work, he has, in fact, shown amazing grace."
Roanoke Times, 7/10/11"A thought-provoking analysis of the social and religious struggles that continue to define American consciousness…Schaeffer covers a lot of important territory in his book…He provides an insider's view on the ways America has become fragmented, polarized by various forms of extremism."
In These Times, August 2011
"An unusual mix—part memoir, part exegesis on Bible-based belief systems, and part prescription for a more compassionate, human-centered politics for both religious and theologically skeptical people. Humor, at times of the laugh-out-loud variety, is abundant. And while readers will likely bristle at some of Schaeffer's conclusions, his wit, sass and insights make Sex, Mom, & God a valuable and entertaining look at U.S. fundamentalism."
San Francisco Book Review, 7/20/11"This memoir/diatribe on organized religion is so shockingly bold and intimately revealing that it will spin your head around whiplash-quick, and cause you to double check to make sure you read the words correctly…Schaeffer comes to a jarring conclusion for fundamentalists, Roman Catholics, Jews, and Muslims alike, that if we don't set aside our dogma and start making a serious effort at getting along, we will end up destroying ourselves and everything we thought we believed in."
Reference and Research Book News, August 2011"Provid[es] a new, less prudish view of radical Christianity."
New York Times, 8/20/11
"To millions of evangelical Christians, the Schaeffer name is royal, and Frank is the reluctant, wayward, traitorous prince."

, 8/27/11
"Schaeffer can be witty and ironic and, like the stopped clock that is accurate twice a day, some of his observations hit their mark."
BitchOctober 2011"Braids the rise of the religious right with Schaeffer's development as an evangelist and antiabortion activist…Recommended for history, religion, or political buffs who enjoy a dash of tender reflection."

9/21 issue
"Former evangelist Frank Schaeffer may have quit the business and turned his back on what he now calls 'our dreadful, vengeful little God,' but the man clearly still has a knack for sermon titles. And Sex, Mom, and God is nothing if not a righteous, furious, cringe-inducing and surprisingly nuanced sermon delivered in book form against Schaeffer's heavenly demons…Schaeffer's contention that most, if not all, of organized religion's shortcomings stem from hang-ups over sex is nothing new. What's compelling about Sex is Schaeffer himself, who bashes away at what he held dear for so long."
Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/25/11
"[Schaeffer is] unafraid to tell it like it is."
Metapsychology Online Reviews, 2/11/12
"Amusing and eyebrow-raising anecdotes…The reader is treated to a compelling and affectionate portrayal of [Scgaeffer's] complex and conflicted mother…For a reader unfamiliar with the kind of Christianity Schaeffer describes, the book provides a helpful picture into the good and bad of living as a fundamentalist Evangelical…A first-hand account of one evangelical's unusual childhood and the life of a recovering fundamentalist."

Politics & Patriotism (blog), 4/10
"An eye-opening exposé of American Right-wing socio-political history."
--This text refers to the Hardcover edition. 

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Thanks to all of those fans who've made TQ ARTS my #1 blog. In the last 36 hours this blog overcame a 486 pageview deficit to surpass TQ NEWS in the latest inventory taken 5 minutes ago 65,703 to 65,614. Here's a treat for you "The Battle on the Ice."

01 June 2012

Moody Moon by RC deWinter

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Copyright 2012 RC deWinter ~ All Rights Reserved ________________________________________ "I am tired, beloved, of chafing my heart against the want of you of squeezing it into little ink drops, and posting it. And I scald alone, here, under the fi...

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31 May 2012

New Sigur Ros, Edward Sharpe, Walkmen, Crystal Bowersox + more

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29 May 2012

West Side Walk Up by RC deWinter


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Copyright 2012 RC deWinter ~ All Rights Reserved ________________________________________ View of a vintage apartment building from across West 47th Street, New York City.


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Weekly TQ Digest (the OTHER TQ!)

Nifty way to package up your <140 fan mail.  He's @TQtheTrojan on twitter, by the way.  Check 'im out!

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Social Digest for the week of May 21, 2012
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Welcome to this week's Social Digest! Below you'll find a recap of some

great things that happened over the past week. If you like what you read, just
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Social Digest V3 728x90 #1
A: Ok!
  via Fan Questions on 05.20.12  
Q: will you ever come to Canada?
or have you alrady been?
A: Yes and yes!
  via Fan Questions on 05.20.12  
Q: I can't remember but did you
perform at up in smoke in
denver. I swear you did but
cant remember for sure. Als...
A: Lol yeah that was me... Denver
was the last show. I crashed
my go cart into my tour bus
drunk after the show... Try...
  via Fan Questions on 05.20.12  
Q: hey u know we are related
,,,,i think by marriage
A: No shit? Let me borrow some
money! Lol
  via Fan Questions on 05.20.12  
New website!!! Kado Records
baby! It's Dragon day...
Click the "Shop"
and get ur VIP Passes TODAY!
Dates coming......
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
3 countries. 2 continents. 1
Birthday. #Dragons move fast.
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
Did the janky ass Celtics win
1 retweet
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
At 33 Kobe is still better
than all but ONE player in
the NBA #KING... It's
time to break the bank and
get some dogs... #fighters...
1 retweet
  via Twitter on 05.22.12
A muthafuckin #DWADE
sighting!!!! Wow! Been a
while! We missed u bro bro...
1 retweet
  via Twitter on 05.20.12
#truth OKC has outplayed LA
in one game the series and
they have a 3-1 lead. We
can't blame anybody but
#US... Time for a new #US
1 retweet
  via Twitter on 05.20.12
Social Digest V3 728x90 #1
Enter The Dragon…
  via Twitter on 05.25.12
Birthday Blog! Enter The
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
Thanx for the love
everybody!!! When u can party
with Ur lawyer and banker in
2012 Ur #blessed... Thaz
normally a #fight
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
Birthday Blog!
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
Thanx for the birthday
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
Somebody is tipsy... When I
get home it's still
gonna be my birthday. That is
a serious situation that I
had not thought of...
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
Social Digest V3 728x90 #1
I walked in the booth as a
man... I came out a #Dragon.
The shit starts NOW. HAPPY
BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! ...at
least where I am... THANX!
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
Y'all gotta get my guy
some help. For real... He
thrills nightly. 5 #Dunks
  via Twitter on 05.22.12
At all cost get rid of Pau
Gasol. Everything else is
secondary on this fishing
trip. Gasol #cannot be on
that boat.
  via Twitter on 05.22.12
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  via Twitter on 05.21.12
This is cool... Lol I been
going in with my fans on my
day off!
  via Twitter on 05.20.12
RT @moghulmusic: Leaving
edgware full of calories I
don't need. <----
#worthit cuz
  via Twitter on 05.20.12
Social Digest V3 728x90 #1
Blake, Barnes, Gasol, Bynum,
#dead. Get Dwight and Deron
Williams w/ Hill, Sessions,
MWP, and Ebanks. . Kiss and
Make up with Odom. #6thring
  via Twitter on 05.20.12
  via Twitter on 05.20.12
Taken with instagram
  via Tumblr on 05.17.12
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