29 May 2012

Weekly TQ Digest (the OTHER TQ!)

Nifty way to package up your <140 fan mail.  He's @TQtheTrojan on twitter, by the way.  Check 'im out!

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Social Digest for the week of May 21, 2012
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Welcome to this week's Social Digest! Below you'll find a recap of some

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Social Digest V3 728x90 #1
A: Ok!
  via Fan Questions on 05.20.12  
Q: will you ever come to Canada?
or have you alrady been?
A: Yes and yes!
  via Fan Questions on 05.20.12  
Q: I can't remember but did you
perform at up in smoke in
denver. I swear you did but
cant remember for sure. Als...
A: Lol yeah that was me... Denver
was the last show. I crashed
my go cart into my tour bus
drunk after the show... Try...
  via Fan Questions on 05.20.12  
Q: hey u know we are related
,,,,i think by marriage
A: No shit? Let me borrow some
money! Lol
  via Fan Questions on 05.20.12  
New website!!! Kado Records
baby! It's Dragon day...
Click the "Shop"
and get ur VIP Passes TODAY!
Dates coming......
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
3 countries. 2 continents. 1
Birthday. #Dragons move fast.
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
Did the janky ass Celtics win
1 retweet
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
At 33 Kobe is still better
than all but ONE player in
the NBA #KING... It's
time to break the bank and
get some dogs... #fighters...
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  via Twitter on 05.22.12
A muthafuckin #DWADE
sighting!!!! Wow! Been a
while! We missed u bro bro...
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  via Twitter on 05.20.12
#truth OKC has outplayed LA
in one game the series and
they have a 3-1 lead. We
can't blame anybody but
#US... Time for a new #US
1 retweet
  via Twitter on 05.20.12
Social Digest V3 728x90 #1
Enter The Dragon…
  via Twitter on 05.25.12
Birthday Blog! Enter The
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
Thanx for the love
everybody!!! When u can party
with Ur lawyer and banker in
2012 Ur #blessed... Thaz
normally a #fight
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
Birthday Blog!
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
Thanx for the birthday
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
Somebody is tipsy... When I
get home it's still
gonna be my birthday. That is
a serious situation that I
had not thought of...
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
Social Digest V3 728x90 #1
I walked in the booth as a
man... I came out a #Dragon.
The shit starts NOW. HAPPY
BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! ...at
least where I am... THANX!
  via Twitter on 05.24.12
Y'all gotta get my guy
some help. For real... He
thrills nightly. 5 #Dunks
  via Twitter on 05.22.12
At all cost get rid of Pau
Gasol. Everything else is
secondary on this fishing
trip. Gasol #cannot be on
that boat.
  via Twitter on 05.22.12
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  via Twitter on 05.21.12
This is cool... Lol I been
going in with my fans on my
day off!
  via Twitter on 05.20.12
RT @moghulmusic: Leaving
edgware full of calories I
don't need. <----
#worthit cuz
  via Twitter on 05.20.12
Social Digest V3 728x90 #1
Blake, Barnes, Gasol, Bynum,
#dead. Get Dwight and Deron
Williams w/ Hill, Sessions,
MWP, and Ebanks. . Kiss and
Make up with Odom. #6thring
  via Twitter on 05.20.12
  via Twitter on 05.20.12
Taken with instagram
  via Tumblr on 05.17.12
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