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29 November 2011

Lost In The Funhouse by RC deWinter

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Copyright 2011 RC deWinter ~ All Rights Reserved _____________________________________________ These Pages _____________________________________________ Scribbles of a life well-lived are all this journal holds. These pages, torn and tattered, s...

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George Harrison's Biggest Hits, Conrad Murray Sentenced, 'Sing-Off' Finale

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Billboard Logo November 29, 2011
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George Harrison's 10 Biggest Billboard Hits
As we fondly remember the life of George Harrison on the tenth anniversary of his passing, we celebrate his 10 biggest Billboard hits, from his Beatle days to his thriving solo career.

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The Juice
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26 November 2011

Beethoven 5th Symphony (No. 5, graphical score animation, allegro)

Modern Living


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via Vienna Daily Photo by Vreni by Viennese Girl Vreni on 11/24/11

I stumbled upon this arrangement of fancy furniture in a store in the 6th district. Especially the sofa, made of jeans cushions (I would love to know how it feels to sit on it) and the Roy Liechtenstein-like picture caught my eyes.. But I also love the trailers.


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Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues - James Reams & The Barnstormers


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November 25, 2011


Lock 'N' Load

Jonesing to watch evil terrorists mowed down by special ops kicking ass amid jungle scenery? Then we've got a weekend for you. From the legendary Sniper trilogy to the mini-franchise Hunt for Eagle One, it's the collection that plays like an NRA recruiting video. Want to guess how many bad guys die in this bullet ridden collection? Follow us on Facebook, and tell us for a chance to win.

SniperWatch Now

It's the Pringles chips of action franchises, watch one and you just can't stop.
Rated R

Sniper 2Watch Now

A sharpshooting sequel that holds its own with the original.
Rated R

Sniper 3Watch Now

An action franchise so freakin' good, even the third one kicks major ass.
Rated R

Hunt For Eagle OneWatch Now

Fierce wall to wall combat is the order of the day in an actioner that wisely doesn't pretend to be anything it's not.
Rated R

Hunt For Eagle One: Crash PointWatch Now

Frantic Blackhawk Down-like combat action forcefully punctuates an escapist military guilty-pleasure
Rated R

Diamond DogsWatch Now

Dolph Lundgren channels his inner Indiana Jones in an exotically-set treasure hunt meets shoot 'em up action adventure.
Rated R

Universal Soldier: The ReturnWatch Now

Van Damme lets his fists do the talking in a spirited action flick that doesn't skimp on ass-kicking.
Rated R

Red SandsWatch Now

A timely and chilling supernatural Afghanistan-set thriller that actually has something to say about the price of war.
Rated R


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Desperado (R)
Silverado (PG-13)

space Cruel Intentions

Revolver (R)
A Few Good Men (R)

space Step Brothers

Hardbodies (R)
Night Junkies (R)


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