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27 July 2011



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26 July 2011

22 July 2011



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July 22, 2011

Spurs & Spaceships

Spurs & Spaceships

It's the best combination since remote met finger. Cowboys kick ass and Aliens…well they're freaking Aliens. Kicking off with Crackle new comers Starman and Alien Hunter, this collection brings the intergalactic into familiar territory.

Alien HunterWatch Now

James Spader brings his unique eccentricities to a surprisingly realistic spin on the old "misunderstood alien" story.
Rated R

StarmanWatch Now

"Aliens have feelings" cult classic that festoons yet another feather in Jeff Bridges' acting cap.
Rated PG

SilveradoWatch Now

A tribute to touchstone westerns that has attained its own classic status thanks to a spectacular set of performances.
Rated PG-13

Men In BlackWatch Now

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones suit up for cinematic immortality via an alien sci-fi that gets everything right.
Rated PG-13

ScreamersWatch Now

One of the most underrated Philip K. Dick film adaptations.
Rated R

Screamers: The HuntingWatch Now

Robots are most certainly not man's best friend in a sharp sequel to the Philip K. Dick-sourced cult classic original.
Rated R

Godzilla: Final WarsWatch Now

The last Godzilla film from Toho, until Godzilla comes out of retirement.
Rated PG-13

All The Pretty HorsesWatch Now

A gripping, literate and faithful novel adaptation made memorable by one of Matt Damon's finest performances.
Rated PG-13

Friends With Benefits

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12/18/11 Sorry, but the full movie has been removed by my source, and therefore is inactive here. I've put two of the available YouTube clips to hold you over until some cinama buff comes along and uploads the whole package again.

Most of the rest are either disabled by request, or are juvenile and irreverent commentaries.

FREAKS is unique in the history of public cinema. Once you've seen it, you'll never forget it.

20 July 2011